About Our Schnoodles

➤  What generation of Schnoodles do you breed?

We breed a Mini Poodle to Mini Schnauzer. Our pups are F1 Schnoodles.

➤  Do Schnoodles shed?

Our Schnoodle puppies are non-shedding. You may see some shedding as the puppy coat turns into their adult coat.

➤  How often do Schnoodles need to be groomed?

Schnoodles should be brushed 2-3 times a week to work out mats that may delelop. There is no standard way to groom a Schnoodle, so depending on the look you're going for (puppy cut, teddy bear, or shaggy) you can expect to have them groomed every 2-4 months.

➤  How do Schnoodles get along with other animals?

Our Schnoodles do wonderful with other pets, including cats. Weather permitting, we introduce them to the chickens. You do need to give the new puppy at least two weeks to adapt with a dog that is already in your home.

➤  How long can Schnoodles be left alone at home?

They can stay at home while you are at work. They will learn the routine and become fine with your schedule.

➤  How much exercise do Schnoodles need?

Schnoodles love long walks, or even runs. We do not take ours for walks much, but they live on our 9 acres so they get energy out that way. Schnoodles are not very high-strung, and make great therapy dogs! Many of our puppies have gone to homes for this reason and have done wonderfully.

➤  What are the best training methods for Schnoodles?

Schnoodles are very intelligent and are not hard to train. I recommend to take them to obdedience classes, but it’s not needed if you have the time to work on that yourself.

➤ Can you recommend a trainer?

Yes! If you are local, we highly recommend Chesney Stock at Pure Value K9 Training. She provides in home training as well as boarded training. You can find her on Facebook HERE.

➤  How big do Schnoodles get?

It depends on the size of the parents. Nike is 14lbs and Harley is 18lbs. Most of our puppies stay within this range, however we have had one hit a surprising 21 lbs.

Buying from Blue Jean Acres

➤  How do I reserve a puppy?

In order to hold the next pick on any litter, a $250 non-refundable deposit is required. If you change your mind about the litter you chose, (due to color, size, wanting to wait, etc) you may transfer your reservation to another litter, or a wait for a future litter. We do not guarantee future litters.

➤  Do you provide a contract?

We provide a breeding contract that outlines breeder and buyer responsibilities. You can find this document on our Payment page.

➤  When can we take the puppy home? Do we have to pick it up?

We allow our puppies to go to their forever homes around 8 - 10 weeks of age. If you are unable to come all the way to Fowlerville to pick up your puppy, we are able to meet up to 2 hours out for an additional fee. If you plan to fly in, we can also meet you at Detroit Metro International, Lansing, or Flint Bishop airports.

➤  How can we contact you after the sale?

I love receiving updates and pictures of your schnoodles in their new homes. E-mail, phone calls or texting are all great ways to get a hold of me.

➤  Can you help me pick out a dog that matches my own or my family’s needs?

Yes, I can pick out a pup for my customers according to what they are wanting and their life-style. It is extremely important to me that the pups to match what the new owners are wanting so that they can stay in their forever homes for life.

➤  If for whatever reasons I cannot keep the puppy, will you take it back?

We will take our puppies back, this is stated in contract. Please contact us first before re-homing the puppy/dog.

➤  Does the breeder provide a written bill of sale detailing the responsibilities of the seller and buyer?


➤  Does the breeder have references from other buyers?

Yes. Many of our customers have sent us testimonials.

➤  Will you have questions for me?

We would love to know as much as we can about your family and life-style. This will help both of us, and help your new puppy to adjust to their new home.

Health & Nutrition

➤  Do I need to get my puppy spayed or neutered?

You do not. I believe that when purchasing an animal, all rights should go with the owner.

➤  Have you tested the parents?

Nike is time tested. Her health & temperament is perfect for a schnauzer. Harley has had multiple genetic tests and is in perfect health without negative genetic markers.

➤  What shots and wormings do the puppies receive?

They receive their first set of shots at 6 - 7 weeks and second at 9 - 10 weeks if they are still with us for the second round.

➤  Do you provide a health guarantee?

I don't offer a year-long health guarantee as live animals can be unpredictable. Instead, I provide a 7-day window for new puppy parents to have their pups checked by a vet, ensuring their health is promptly assessed and any concerns are addressed early on for a happy and healthy start.

➤  What are the congenital defects in this breed?

Poodles can have eye problems, but I have not seen that in our Poodles or Schnoodles.

➤  What are the puppies being fed?

Diamond Naturals Small & Medium Breed Puppy. I will send along some food with the puppy, so if you want to change you can do little-by-little.

➤  Have any of the puppies in your litters ever been sick?


➤  What visits have the puppies had with a veterinarian? Have they been examined and declared “healthy”?

The pups come with health records that you take to your vet. This includes their shot & worming records.

➤  What is the lifespan for schnoodles?

Lifespan for this breed is typically 12 - 16 years.

About Us

➤  How long have you been involved with this breed?

I have been breeding dogs for over many years. I started breeding Schnoodles about 3 years ago, but I was breeding Labradoodles prior to that.

➤  Have you tested the parents?

I started breeding Schnoodles because our Miniature Schnauzer has the best temperament of any schnauzer I know. The world needed more Nikes! We looked far and wide for the perfect schnauzer or poodle stud and landed on Harley (a miniature poodle) that was a perfect match. I like the look of Schnoodles and that their health is better by breeding two separate breeds.

➤  Do you have the parents on site? May I see them?

Nike will be on site as we visit Harley at his home for breedings. While she is super friendly, she is protective of her home and will bark when visitors arrive. Once she greets you and welcomes you in, she'll enjoy all the petting you can give her.

Our Puppies

➤  What activities do you do with the puppies you raise?

The puppies live in our home and are played with daily. If the weather permits, we play outside on our 5 acres and run in the field with the chickens and cats.

➤  How do you socialize the puppies?

Our puppies are raised in our home and are handled daily. They are very used to people, kids, and all sizes of dogs.

➤  How have you assessed the puppy’s temperament?

With years of breeding experience, it's become second nature to assess a puppy's temperament. Living alongside them gives an innate understanding of their personalities. Having exceptional parents is key — my focus is on ensuring they're wonderful, resulting in perfectly healthy, happy, and well-rounded pups. Plus, the bonus is that they're non-shedding, intelligent, kid-friendly, and protective without being aggressive.

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