Why A Blue Jean Acres Schnoodle?

BJA Schnoodles are not only a loving companion but also a pup raised with utmost care and responsibility. With a commitment to excellence in breeding practices, I prioritize the health, temperament, and overall well-being of each Schnoodle, providing families with a furry friend that embodies intelligence, affection, and a hypoallergenic coat for a joyful and lasting companionship.

About Us

Who we are and what we do

Meet our close-knit family living on a vibrant farm, where we've spent years cultivating a passion for breeding animals. With three sons, one recently embarking on the journey of marriage, our household is filled with warmth and shared laughter. We extend our family values to our breeding practices, raising each pup within the heart of our home. Over the years, we've celebrated numerous successful litters, each boasting excellent temperaments, ensuring that our extended family of pups brings joy and companionship to homes near and far.

Our Breeders

Nike (mom)

Mona (mom)

Harley (dad)

Nike is one of our Miniature Schnauzers. She has all the adorable looks but a temperament that's more laid-back and easygoing. Nike brings a perfect balance, blending the classic Schnauzer charm with a relaxed demeanor, making it an ideal breeding female for those seeking a loving, low-maintenance furry friend with an excellent temperament.

Mona is our other miniature Schnauzer, a shining example of the breed's finest qualities. Eager to please and highly intelligent, Mona is always ready to bring laughter into our lives. With a keen curiosity about the world outside, she keeps a vigilant watch on her surroundings, embodying the Schnauzer's inherent alertness. Bred to AKC standards, Mona boasts not only a sweet temperament but also a deep-seated love for companionship. She has a winning combination of intelligence, humor, and affection.

Harley is a miniature poodle and a delightful blend of intelligence, sweetness, and playfulness. It took me several years to find the perfect match for Nike and he is everything I was looking for in a stud. Harley lives in Milford with his owner, Eileen, who is a goldendoodle breeder.

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